Integrating Nagios XI with IoT to monitor voltage

This article is designed to present the first IoT integration with Nagios XI that was performed by NE Brasil, official partner of Nagios Enterprise. This integration can also be done with Nagios Core.

As commented in a previous post, Nagios’ architecture simplifies the handling of any IP system, thus offers great interoperability.

In regards to IOT, we’ve used Arduino Uno, equipped with a voltage sensor module, which was programmed to send measured voltage values and its variations to a Nagios XI server as a means to merely detect power outages or keep track of electric network behaviour for an environment, which could impact on the performance of devices like routers, switches, etc.

Nagios XI – Performance Graphs

Arduino Uno

Voltage Sensor

We’re excited to present such an innovative project!!! Soon we’ll be displaying more Nagios integrated sensors!!!

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